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A wide range of fish bait from a supplier in Maryport

Fish bait

Affordable fishing bait

We all know that for the best chance of success in fishing you need good bait. That why we only stock top quality blast frozen baits. 

All of our live worm baits are wild and freshly dug.

We can offer advice on the best bait to use and where. If you’re looking to catch particular types of fish speak to us today.

Fish Baits Angling Supplies provides bait for all types of fishing including sea angling, pike dead baits, maggots, pellets, boilies and much much more. 

Fresh bait can often sell out as fast as we can get it especial before opens and club matches so we strongly recommend contacting us to check availability and to reserve fresh bait.

We will ship bait and can arrange local delivery and collections out side of opening hours. please contact us with inquiries 

Are you looking for fishing bait? You are in the right place with Fish Baits Angling Supplies in Maryport.
01900 811 794


Cart makes an excellent bait. Especially for cod over rough ground. We have it in tubs approx 600grams, smaller blocks cut to various sizes and sticks that are ready to use. And of course the ever popular cart wings. 

rag worm

All our rag worm is wild and freshly dug and delivered to us within 24hrs. This means it gets to you as fresh as possible.

Rag worm makes an excellent all round bait for most species. Being one of the favorite baits for anglers hoping to catch plaice and bass. It also make a deadly bait for pollock when fished over rough ground.


No minimum amount.

lug worm

One of the best and most used sea baits. The fresh lug we sell is a mix of black and yellow tails which are dug locally when the tides are big enough. Our frozen lug is welsh blacks and is almost always in stock with fresh delivery's at least once a week.

Price for fresh is 
             £20 per 100 or 20p each.

frozen lug is 
            £3.95 per pack



Squid make an excellent bait for a wide variety of species either on its own or as a tipping off bait. They can be used whole in sections or cut into strips. 
We have a good selection of squid baits from small handy packs of baby or party squid all the way up to 5lb boxes of calamari and dirty illex.

Fish Baits
Fish Baits

Fish baits

We stock a wide range of top quality blast frozen and vac packed sea and pike dead baits. from Sandeels to dyed sprats and every thing in between. So we are sure you will find what your looking for. if we don't keep in stock we can most likely get it.


Other baits

we also have other frozen baits available. some we have on stock all the time others are seasonal and can sell out fast. details below.

frozen peeler crab available during summer months
crab cart from November-January for as long as stock lasts.

Price varies Please contact us for current prices and availability.


Mixed Maggots arrive fresh every week. 

price per pint is £3.30
price per 1/2 pint is £1.75

carp and coarse baits

We stock a range of carp and coarse baits including hard and soft pellets, natural and flavored ground baits, dry and prepared baits and flavored corn.
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